Online articles about ACOs and these growing market trends

Major employers are innovating new ways to improve their employee benefit plans and control costs. Below are a handful of examples of these new models and the attention they garner in the marketplace:

Modern Healthcare- Jan 27, 2018

Adventist Health is direct contracting with employers like Whole Foods, and now is utilizing their ACO for care navigation. Many ACO and employer examples are also referenced.

Healthcare Dive - Mar. 14, 2018

ACOs and other innovative models are being developed by some of America's largest employers including Walmart and others.

HFMA - Leadership+ Mar. 20, 2018

The president of a Texas health system ACO discusses the benefits of Direct-to-Employer ACO Arrangements. He illustrates with their Dallas Area Rapid Transit example.

Managed Care - Oct. 31, 2017

Managed Care magazine discusses how Boeing reduced costs by direct contracting with ACOs.